3D Portrait Class

3D Portraits Class







Date, Wednesdays, July 15, 22, 29

Taught by Lessie  McKinney

Cost: Members: $45.00  Non-members $50.00

Age Group: 13 and Up

This class will include three sessions:

1.  The participants will perform the task of using plaster to render a portrait of a classmate. They will then take their own 3D portrait home, study it and decide how to decorate it, bringing objects selected for decorating to the next class.

2.  The class will decorate their 3 D Portrait using the selected objects they bring to the class.
3.  The class will bring their 3D Portraits to discuss with the others in the class for a sharing critique of the completed project.
This class will be interesting and fun to understand how we personally see ourselves, and /or how we want the world at large to see us.
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