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Transparent Visions

February 26 - March 23

Glass shines, sparkles, is fragile, hard and always in constant motion never really a solid.  It allows light and color to pass through creating pieces that interact with material forms. Artists take on this material to create a broad range of subject matter, styles, and techniques.  The vision of this exhibit is to introduce everyone to the flexibility of the material, its uses and diversity.

Glass is transparent; it is used for lamps, stained glass windows, sculptural creations, and architectural installations. It is laminated, blown and painted into amazingly beautiful creations. Enjoy!

Glass is composed of Silicon Dioxide: sand, Sodium Dioxide, Calcium carbonate. What an artist can then transform the medium into is exponential.

The reception will take place Friday, March 15 from 6 to 8 pm.

Participating artists: Goosebay Glass, Ona Magaro, Sara Orchard with Fus’d Glass Art, Richard Parrish, Becky Ratliff & Katie Sisum, Ann Wilbert.

Figure 1 – Goose Bay Glass

Goose Bay Glass – High-Quality Handblown Glass Since 2002

“From the moment we began blowing glass, we knew we were hooked.”

Jim, a former blacksmith, and Terry, a former RN, opened Goose Bay Hand-blown Glass in 2002. Experienced, passionate, and committed to bringing their customers truly exquisite glass work. They are an excellent choice for any decorative glass project

Sara Orchard

Sara Orchard

Original creations, Custom pieces. Crafted with skill and passion. Functional home decor

Custom sconces – window accents- glass panels in doors – lots of areas in the home for glass art to enhance your living environment.  Light changes glass’ colors; enjoy the ambiance a functional piece brings! Colors and designs can be crafted by request – making special gifts for any occasion! Platters, plates, bowls, coasters… embellish your table with unique serving pieces. Display the art as decor accents, expressing your style in the home.

Madison Field 9 – Richard Parrish

Richard M. Parrish / Fusio Studio, Inc

As an artist and an architect, I find inspiration in both the natural and human-made environments. My work investigates the intersections and collisions between the natural landscape and the human impositions on that landscape. It is concerned with both physical and temporal conditions, rooted in the landscape in the Intermountain West of the United States. As an artist working in glass, I make a wide range of work from functional objects to fine art pieces to public art installations. The work can be wall-mounted, such as bas relief panels; suspended such as in the Bozeman Public Library; installed as windows such as in the Synagogue of Temple Beth Shalom; or as mixed-media sculpture.

My 20 plus years as a professional artist have given me the opportunity to develop my artistic and technical skills to become an internationally recognized artist and teacher.

Colors of Montana – Ann Wilbert

Ann Wilbert

Taking something as solid as glass and changing its shape and structure is very rewarding. Holding a handful of finished beads is like holding treasure. Knowing that there are beads waiting to be discovered in the cooled kiln is always a thrill. Each bead is a unique and tiny piece of art. My current fascination is with the combination of silver and glass. Strange and wonderful things can happen when the two are melted together.

I have been learning to create beads of glass since 1996. My love of nature and the beautiful places that I have lived, continue to be great influences on my work. Many of my beads resemble natural stones or water over stones.

From my studio, I make my beads using a propane/oxygen mix torch. Glass is wound and layered around a steel mandrel. The finished bead is then placed in a kiln for annealing.

My hope is that my beads will be something that others will treasure, enjoy, and share.


February 26
March 23
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Livingston Center for Art and Culture
119 South Main Street
Livingston, MT 59047