Plein Air on the Yellowstone 2019 Prospectus

Plein Air on the Yellowstone 2019

Park County, Montana – August 3 to 9, 2019
Sponsored by the Livingston Center for Art and Culture

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Surrounded by four majestic mountain ranges, Park County offers a beautiful natural setting for relaxation and recreation along the legendary Yellowstone River.  The quaint and quiet town of Livingston is steeped in the history of Lewis & Clark, Calamity Jane and Yellowstone National Park. Visual artists, writers and musicians call Park County home.  We invite you to come and experience why so many are drawn to this inspiring area. Artists will be painting from Wilsall to Cooke City and Springdale to the western border of Park County, Montana. Early check-in begins the afternoon of August 2nd and the event closes with a 6 week Plein Air Exhibit to start the day of Saturday, August 10th. This is the 11th year of this event and we are looking forward to a full registration. You can register online or bring a check (or mail it) to the Center.

Due to extremely fast registration, we will be opening up our waiting list in order to ensure any remaining spots are awarded fairly. Click here to join the waiting list now

See you at the Center!


Friday, August 2nd
12 pm – 5 pm : Early Check-In

Saturday, August 3rd
11 am – 4 pm : Check-In – Stamp Canvases/Boards

Sunday, August 4th
5 pm : Welcome Barbeque – Meet & Greet with the Artists and Patrons

Wednesday, August 7th
All Day : Painting in the Park
4:30 pm – 7 pm : Farmer’s Market – Food & Music & An Opportunity to Meet the Community

Friday, August 9th
8 am – 10 am : Deliver Wet Paintings
5:30 pm – 6 pm : Wet Painting Exhibit – Patron’s Private Showing
6 pm – 8 pm : Wet Painting Exhibit – Gala Reception & Sale

Plein Air Painting Exhibit
August 10 through September 21st, 2019

Cash & Merchandise Awards

(All Amounts to be Determined by Board of Directors)

1st Place Contemporary

2nd Place Contemporary

3rd Place Contemporary

People’s Choice Award
(Awarded Post Wet Painting Exhibit)

1st Place Traditional

2nd Place Traditional

3rd Place Traditional

Poster Award
(Included in Advertising Campaign for the coming year)

Terms & Conditions

  • Sales commission is 35% to the Livingston Center for Art and Culture, and 65% to the artist for all sales made through the Center.


  • The artist may paint any subject or location he or she chooses as long as it is outdoors and within Park County, Montana, during the event days only.


  • Check-in is on Friday, August 2nd, and Saturday, August 3rd at the Center located at 119 South Main Street, Livingston, MT Tel. 406.222.5222. (See Calendar for times)


  • Each artist will provide their own canvases/boards to be date-stamped during check-in. Artists may return anytime during the week during normal business hours for additional canvas stamps.


  • Artist will provide their one paragraph biography and an image of their art (electronically) to the Center by no later than May 1st, 2019.


  • Artists will deliver up to three (3) pieces of work (to be judged) Friday, August 9th, 8 am – 10 am.
  • Only stamped canvases will be accepted.  Each piece must be ready to hang (framed w/ wire).
  • All work will be on display Friday, August 9th, from 5:30 pm – 8 pm for the Gala and then subsequent exhibit.


  • The Livingston Center for Art and Culture is responsible for the security of the artwork while it is on site at the gallery through the end of the WET PAINTING EXHIBIT, September 21st, 2019.