Art Walk – Prairie Sentinels Reception

Looming over the surrounding country in a design that has changed very little, grain elevators reminded people of line-of-sight watchtowers keeping vigil, and were called “Prairie Sentinels”.   Modern ones are clad in steel or made of concrete, but I have a weakness for the old wooden ones standing next to sidings where no locomotive has puffed in for a century or more. Crumbling stone sidings sprout weeds; ties askew, rusted rails run helter-skelter.  Pigeons fly in and out of unglazed windows and the wind coaxes an impatient whistle from a ghost locomotive. Daubed with shreds of old paint, wood is whittled and roughened by age; sinews of wind-twisted metal hold tenuously. Painted messages exhort across a century, their voices only slightly hoarsened by time.  
The reception will take place during the first art walk of 2019, June 28th, 5:30-8pm
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Jun 28 2019


5:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Livingston Center for Art and Culture
119 S Main St, Livingston, Montana