The Year of the Metal Rat

The Rat is the most respected sign of the Chinese horoscope. Highly intelligent, strategists, cautious, and can cope with any of life’s problems. Durable material represents strength, firmness, and decisiveness. The color of the year, white or silver symbolizes purity, wisdom, and flawless perfection.
The exhibit begins January 28, 2020, coinciding with the Lunar New Year.
23 artists were given pieces of copper plating and 19 pieces have been completed and will be on display. Fiber, Metal-Smithing, Painting and Photography were some of the mediums of choice.
Original artwork by: Simon Allen, Duncan Bullock, Mick Burlington, Joshua Coursey, Ira Cuehlo and Eva Magaro de Cuehlo, Leah DeVault, Cynthia Handel, Sue Leaverton, Clinton Lesh, Chris Miller, Sue Moncada, Merrie Murdoch, Bryan Petersen, Lyn StClair, Toni Vincent and Brian White.


Jan 28 2020 - Feb 21 2020


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Livingston Center for Art and Culture
119 S Main St, Livingston, Montana