Transparent Visions

Glass shines, sparkles, is fragile, hard and always in constant motion never really a solid.  It allows light and color to pass through creating pieces that interact with material forms. Artists take on this material to create a broad range of subject matter, styles and techniques.  The vision of this exhibit is to introduce everyone to the flexibility of the material, its uses and diversity. 
Glass is transparent; it is used for lamps, stained glass windows, sculptural creations and architectural installations. It is laminated, blown and painted into amazingly beautiful creations. Enjoy!
Glass is composed of Silicon Dioxide: sand, Sodium Dioxide, Calcium carbonate. What an artist can then transform the medium into is exponential.
Participating artists: Goosebay Glass, Ona Magaro, Sara Orchard with Fus’d Glass Art, Richard Parrish, Becky Ratliff & Katie Sisum, Ann Wilbert.


Feb 26 2019 - Mar 23 2019